Two books that could transform your understanding of reality:

Breath of the Cosmos

The physics of material reality as never before -

in beautiful pictures and flowing poetry.

Tapestry of Light

A radically new, but ages old, perspective on the nature of material reality.

A layman's view of

the scientific issues.

In these books

Dr Grahame Blackwell presents, in two quite different styles, his findings from ten years of scientific investigation and careful mathematical analysis.

(No maths in either book.)

"I very much enjoyed your book 'Tapestry of Light' ."

H.S., Artist.

"A friend lent me your book 'Breath of the Cosmos'.

It took my breath away."

P.H., Therapist

"I read 'Tapestry of Light' on my flight to Washington, D.C. - I was stunned!

I proceeded to read 'Breath of the Cosmos' the day after I got back.

'Tapestry' deserves a Nobel prize in physics and 'Breath' a Nobel prize in literature.

Your energy flow paradigm makes total sense to me. As you show, it explains all of Einstein's findings but also explains the arrow of time.

A truly seminal book!"

Lloyd Morgan, Director, Central Brain Tumor Registry of the United States.

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Here you'll find everything from the Marx Brothers to singing bowls, from grass-hoppers to goldfish - and much, much more - all in the name of science.

"The perfect balance of new science, humour & helpful info that people can relate to in their lives", "I am impressed! I found it easy to read, not boring at all! very interesting and have subscribed for more!", "clear and precise, easy to read and acutely interesting. I like the user-friendly presentation.  I have subscribed!"

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Books From Transfinite Mind

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'Elementary sub-atomic particles: the earliest adaptive systems' (see here for details).

Behind the Tapestry:

The Threads Revealed

All of the supporting maths

for 'Tapestry of Light'

[21 cm x 14.8 cm, 125 pages]

See more

'Tapestry of Light' describes how everything in the physical universe, including your body, is made of light.  This book provides the mathematical basis for that view, in a form that should be accessible to a high-school mathematics student or first year undergraduate.

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