Two books that could transform your understanding of reality:

Breath of the Cosmos: The physics of material reality as never before - in beautiful pictures and flowing poetry.

Tapestry of Light: A radically new, but ages old, perspective on the nature of material reality. A layman's view of the scientific issues.

In these books Dr Grahame Blackwell presents, in two quite different styles, his findings from ten years of scientific investigation and careful mathematical analysis. (No maths in either book.)

[Full maths available here]

"I read 'Tapestry of Light' on my flight to Washington, D.C. - I was stunned!

I proceeded to read 'Breath of the Cosmos' the day after I got back.

'Tapestry' deserves a Nobel prize in physics and 'Breath' a Nobel prize in literature.

Your energy flow paradigm makes total sense to me. As you show, it explains all of Einstein's findings but also explains the arrow of time.

A truly seminal book!"

Lloyd Morgan, Director, Central Brain Tumor Registry of the United States.

Of a multimedia presentation:

"I just want to say a BIG, BIG thank you for your magnificent 'performance' last night!

It was truly inspirational and a wonderful kick off to the whole evening. You are definitely a communicator!"

Sue Minns., Author

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Here you'll find everything from the Marx Brothers to singing bowls, from grasshoppers to goldfish - and much, much more - all in the name of science.

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Welcome to the realm of Transfinite Mind.

Here we pause in the spaces between atoms, between moments,  between galaxies.  Here we gently untangle conflicting scientific viewpoints and paradoxical arguments, like knotted balls of wool, to find the perfect harmony that lies at the heart of every such apparent contradiction.

The transfinite mind looks beyond the finite boundaries of particles and objects, questioning whether such boundaries even actually exist other than in our finite perception.

We know that our senses don't tell us everything - how many of us see radio waves, for example, or directly sense whatever it is that causes magnetism or gravity?  We don't even sense the air we breathe, that's all around us, except indirectly by its effects.  The evolutionary process has handed us a mental map of our environment that ideally equips us for our day-to-day existence - but what's the objective reality that lies behind those symbols in our heads?

All the evidence suggests that the true reality is quite, quite different.

Free from the brain's filtering and interpretation processes, the cosmos seems a very strange and unfamiliar place.  Even the concept of 'place' itself begins to lose any meaning, whilst 'time' takes on a totally new significance.   The universe is truly transfinite - no separate 'things', no arbitrary limits.

That universe is the realm of transfinite mind - your mind, my mind, any mind that's open to a radically new vision of reality.  This is the realm of Knowing, of Freedom, of Power, of Magic.