Two books that could transform your understanding of reality.

In these books

Dr Grahame Blackwell presents, in two quite different styles, his findings from ten years

of scientific investigation and careful mathematical analysis. (No maths in either book.)

[Full maths available here]

"I very much enjoyed your book 'Tapestry of Light' ."

H.S., Artist.

"A friend lent me your book 'Breath of the Cosmos'.

It took my breath away."

P.H., Therapist

"I read 'Tapestry of Light' on my flight to Washington, D.C. - I was stunned!

I proceeded to read 'Breath of the Cosmos' the day after I got back.

'Tapestry' deserves a Nobel prize in physics and 'Breath' a Nobel prize in literature.

Your energy flow paradigm makes total sense to me. As you show, it explains all of Einstein's findings but also explains the arrow of time.

A truly seminal book!"

Lloyd Morgan, Director, Central Brain Tumor Registry of the United States.

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Books From Transfinite Mind

No maths in these two books - scroll down for book containing full maths.

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Tapestry of Light

A Scientific Insight

into the nature of

Material Reality

[21 cm x 14.8 cm, 110 pages]

Everything in the physical universe, including your body, is made of light.  This book shows that this is so, using clear scientific evidence presented in a way that will appeal to non-technical readers as well as those with a scientific background.

Breath of the Cosmos

[24.9 cm x 17.1 cm, 142 pages]

Colour backdrops on over 40%

of double-page spreads

Breath describes the nature of various aspects of material reality - matter, time, light, space - from a scientific viewpoint but in a flowing poetical style, illustrated with attractive photographic backdrops and graphical effects.  The role of consciousness in the universal process is also considered.

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A third book has been published by Transfinite Mind Ltd:

'Behind the Tapestry: The Threads Revealed'

All the maths, clearly explained - plus totally new perspectives on three major topics.

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