Tapestry of Light

A Scientific Insight Into the Nature of Material Reality

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You've probably heard it said that matter is composed of light - frozen light, crystallised light. It's a beautiful imagery, a wonderfully inspirational perspective on the material world. It's a concept that our hearts embrace as 'feeling right', that our heads would love to believe.

What, then, if it could be shown to you - in non-technical terms that a layman could easily follow - that the whole of material reality is indeed composed of light? Not frozen, not crystallised, but vibrant, dynamic, unimaginably active and creative. What if you were left in absolutely no doubt that your own physical body, as well as everything around you, is formed of the stuff of starlight and rainbows? Might not that change your outlook on life - for ever?

If you're not ready for that change, read no further. Because that's what this book is all about.

"Oh yes", I hear you cry, "another new-age flight into the realms of Wisdom handed down from Higher Sources, great to meditate on but quite a way removed from anything you can hold in your hand or write equations about."

No. This is not that sort of book. This book is all about things you can hold in your hand, and for those that enjoy them there are plenty of equations, in a companion volume*. But don't let that put you off, this Journey Into Reality is for everybody (This book needs NO maths skills).

Question is, are you ready to be shown, unmistakably, that light in its myriad forms is all there is? That the whole cosmos is one single undivided tapestry of light-flows? That our notions of physical boundaries between separate objects are, indeed, illusion - that there are no 'separate objects'? That there are, in fact, no 'objects' or even 'particles' at all, except in our perception?

Are you ready to come face to face with who you really are?

* Behind the Tapestry:

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Chapter 1: Conclusion

Gives an overview of a revolutionary new perspective on the universe, based on well-established scientific evidence.

Chapter 2: Science for a New Age

'Snarks and Boojums' outlines the issues, followed by a short historical perspective on scientific method.  'KISS and Tell' presents a way forward, and 'More Speed, Less Haste' establishes a well-known finding of Relativity Theory - from a totally original angle.  It also explains, for the very first time, why this result is so, as well as introducing a radically new insight into the nature of time.

Chapter 3: A Matter of Light

Develops the energy-flow description of particles put forward in Chapter 2, presenting compelling evidence that matter is composed of light.  Shows how this explains - for the very first time - why the speed of light measures the same for all observers, no matter what speed they are moving at.

Chapter 4: Transforming Our View of Reality

The light-flow understanding of matter gives a scientific reason for Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity.  An unproved assumption of Relativity Theory is shown to be unnecessary, opening up exciting new avenues for research.

Chapter 5: E = mc2 And All That Stuff

The light-flow picture explains various whys never explained before:  why objects have mass, why inertia, why the apparent mass of an object increases dramatically as the object approaches light speed - and why E = mc2.

Chapter 6: Introduction

You'll have to read the book to find out what this is about!

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