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Transfinite Mind - Michelson-Morley

The book that changes


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A radically new look at Relativity
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Breath of the Cosmos: The physics of material reality as never before - in beautiful pictures and flowing poetry.

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In these books Dr Grahame Blackwell presents, in two quite different styles, his findings
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"I read 'Tapestry of Light' on my flight to Washington, D.C. - I was stunned!

I proceeded to read 'Breath of the Cosmos' the day after I got back.

'Tapestry' deserves a Nobel prize in physics and 'Breath' a Nobel prize in literature.

Your energy flow paradigm makes total sense to me. As you show, it explains all of Einstein's findings but also explains the arrow of time.

A truly seminal book!"

Lloyd Morgan, Director, Central Brain Tumor Registry of the United States.

"I thought your talk at the London College of Spirituality 2012 Forum was absolutely fantastic - interesting, funny, massively informative and you made some complex science very accessible.  Your books have been on my to-buy list since then, how wonderful that they are now on their way.  I really look forward to reading them."

Dee Apolline, The Big Chi, London.

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The Michelson-Morley experiment was (and is) seen by physicists in Einstein's time and since as very strong confirmation of his Special Theory of Relativity.

The following simple analysis makes it clear that Michelson & Morley's results (and later more high-tech replications) do not depend at all on Special Relativity.

It follows that general acceptance of Einstein's Theory is based to a significant degree on misinterpretation of experimental results.

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